Friday, 9 December 2016

Polkadot skirt

Hey lovelies,

the past three days I have been working on a cute skirt. I got the pattern out of the Burda 01/11 magazine but I had some difficulties with the sizes. In the end I kept making everything a lot smaller than planned. 

I forgot to take pictures during the process so I only have pictures of the pinned skirt. 

This is how it looked like pinned together. I already liked it very much but I needed something more. Therefore I added some frills.

The fabric was a pain in the butt to sew. It was also so thin that there was a need for a lining.

The skirt is closed with a zip and it has a small opening on the back.

Bonus picture of my cat who likes to sniff my stuff.

All in all it probably took me only a few hours over the span of two days. 
And I already have a matching top in planning. 

 And here is the finished skirt. I think it gives a nice larme vibe, even though polkadots are not en vogue at the moment.
The top is from Ank Rouge, the shoes are dreamV/yumetenbo and my earrings are from Swankiss.
Not really skirt realated but have a selfie from today too.

All the best and nice weekend,


Friday, 2 December 2016

Edwardian bust improver

Hello lovelies,

I managed to finish something again! Hooray. There are so many unfinished projects which are almost done but do you think I can bring myself to end them?
So, Wearing History had a black Friday sale and I was already playing with the idea of buying the Edwardian bust improver for a long time. And during black Friday sale I thought, why not and finally bought it. The parts were printed at work and I started to cut out everything on Wednesday.
On Thursday I continued a bit after my Social Media class and today, on Friday, I finished the last seams.

I used a very thin cotton fabric because I actually only wanted to make a mock up first. But then I said, whatever and my mock up turned into my final piece.

I also made my double fold bias tape with the fabric. The instruction called for one with 1,5cm (I think it was 3/8 inch?) and I made a 3cm tape at first because I thought they wanted 1,5cm for one side. Yeah. It was late and I was tired.

Fiddling with the round parts to get them fit the markings was time consuming. And I hated it.
In the end they turned out to be uneven anyway even though it looked really even at first. No idea what happened while sewing. After sewing I stuffed the pads.
The it was time for the lace.

With the lace it suddenly looked to frilly. Maybe a bit too frilly? But the instruction didn't say how wide the ribbon should be. So I just went with it.
I also added lace on the top and I was done. Hooray. And who thought it was a good idea to sit on the bust improver when I tried to do pictures on the floor? My fluffy monster Maja.

Here is the finished product on my doll.

I still have my Edwardian corset mock-up and it fit perfectly underneath. 

Time needed: about 4-5hours with lots of breaks
Cost: Pattern: 6,59$, Fabric: nothing, I took scrap material
Satisfaction: 5/5

All the best,


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sakizo Romantic Jewels

Hello lovelies,

this August Souly was visiting again and we did a few photo shootings.
He sent me the pictures of my Sakizo cosplay a day ago and I really like them a lot.
Give him a like and comment on his facebook site: Blur of color

Look, that's us!

The costume is completely selfmade and all of the work in progress picture can be found here.
The photo shooting location was in Vienna.

All the best,


Sunday, 20 November 2016


Hello lovelies,

it was super warm in Vienna this weekend with about 13C°. So a little walk was a definite must do.
The pictures were made at the park of Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna. I was a little late for red and yellow leafs but I still found some.
Coat and boots: DreamV
Skirt and headbow: btssb
Bolero: Bodyline
Blouse: Magic tea party (taobao)
Gloves: Liz lisa

At home I made a few selfies and the bolero and my blouse can be seen in these pictures.

I hope you had a nice and warm weekend too,
Crossposted on my other blog Auris Jfashion

all the best,


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Swankiss coord

Hello lovelies,

I went to an art gallery yesterday. They had a special Ai Weiwei exhibition Matthias wanted to see. Lucky for us, we got there on the day of free admission. Yey.
To be honest, I am not really fond of modern art. There are of course artists and pictures/paintings/statues I like but all in all, I prefer pre-1950s art. But the huge Temple of Ai Weiwei was really impressive. The other art from the artists in this gallery was not to my taste. Sorry.

I wore my Swankiss dress for this occasion.

I wore a big cardigan over it but it didn't keep me warm at all. It was so freezing cold outside.

And the obligatory selfie, of course.

This pictures actually has not filter on it. I really like the picture though. I look like a Swankiss staff member (yes, yes, I wish).

At the art gallery, we met Kai (in the bathroom). It was quite a coincident.
All the best,


Friday, 11 November 2016


Hello lovelies,

I decided to change my blog a bit.
My blog started out as personal sewing and cosplay blog. But times change and I added some jfashion, vintage fashion and historical fashion to the mix.
In the last couple of months I came to realize that not cosplay is my passion alone but also sewing historical costumes and j-fashion dresses. I don't think that this mix is good for the blog and I decided to create another blog, just for Japanese fashion. I will cross-post my coordinates on both of my blogs but other than that, I want to separate my blogs.

Silver Afternoon:

historical costumes
my coords
travel (worldwide, excluding japan)

Auris J-fashion (super creative name...not)

j-fashion brand reviews
my coords
new arrival at shops
shop introduction
japan travel blog

All the best,


Thursday, 10 November 2016

18th century stays

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago I finally finished the 18th century stays I have been working on for a few weeks now. The pattern I used was from Nehelenia patterns and it's called "Halbversteifte Schnürbrust" (in German).
I had already started making stays this year but I was so dissatisfied with them that I tossed them into the trash and re-used the boning for this stays.

I used the small pattern and took away 1cm of the length. The mock up suited me fairly well.
I had to pad my dress form with my bra because without it wouldn't have my measurements. I of course also tried on the mock up and it fit snugly.

The next step was cutting out all pieces of the fabric. I used very inauthentic sewing materials. There was a cotton layer, a linen layer, another cotton layer and the fancy floral fabric.

I hated cutting out all the pieces and I usually don't but that was due to the fact that I am missing my good scissors.

All layers are basted with a large stitch to keep them from moving.
In the end they did slip around. It was maddening because they fit together perfectly and then they betrayed me. I tried not to snap pictures of those failures but they were everywhere. So please overlook those mistakes.

Sewing in the channels was not my favourite work too. Okay, the whole process of making the stays was not my favourite work. At least I already had a metal cutter for the boning so this process was easier.
Afterwards I did the binding and let me tell you, that work I hated the most. asdfghh. All the pins poked me and I got some scratches from them.

The rounded edges weren't smooth at all and didn't want to get smooth at all.
But I found a very helpful site that helped with my bindings. Even though it didn't look as good as on that page.

At least it was over at some point. The next step was doing the holes for the ribbon.

I nearly forgot to make the holes in a spiral form and would have made the holes like in a Victorian corset.

The stays look so weird on my doll.

But here are the finished stays.
My cute cat loves to bite through ribbons and shoe laces and she did this again for the ribbon I used. This is why the ribbon on the left side is so much shorter than on the right side. Just ignore this please. I will buy new satin ribbon asap.

 See the bite marks on the end of the ribbons? Sewing with cats is not recommended.

All the best,