Friday, 12 August 2016

Lolita pop-up store

pHello lovelies,

there was a pop-up event in Vienna yesterday, hosted by our local lolita community. It was held place on the eigth floor of the hotel 25h which is located near Museumsquartier. A few vendors where at the event like Lady Sloth and Wunderwelt and a shop with accessoires  and another with sweets and cupcakes. The view from the hotel was really amazing and even though I didn't buy any dresses, i was really tempted to. There was also a fashion show and a tombola but I was at the event for only a short time and didn't stay for those two events. But I was really happy to meet a few aquaintances and friends again.

There are a few picture online from the event, I forgot to take some myself. AGAIN.

My outfit:
Jsk & necklace: Metamorphose temps de fille
Shoes: DreamV/Yumetenbo
Blouse: h.naoto frill
Bow: la pafait
Bag: innocent world
Rest: offbrand

I will be in London the next few days, so I will spam you with pictures the next time I will write blog entry.

All the best,


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Trinity blood - Finished

Hello lovelies,

I never came to shared the few pictures I have from my re-done Ion cosplay.
Remember all the postings where I was just hand sewing all that pearls onto one costume? Yes, I am talking about that one.
I wore in for the Nippon Nation on Sunday and I got three amazing pictures by Greencat.

I really doesn't look like much work but believe me, it was a buttload of work and I am super happy I finished it.

My friend who cosplayed Radu and I also did a fotoshooting when I was in Munich this year. But I have no pictures yet, so this will be another blog post.

All the best,


Saturday, 30 July 2016

New cosplays

Hello lovelies,

I bearly finished my cosplay for Nippon Nation but now I have plans for three new cosplays for connichi. To be honest, I will probably only finish one and if I am lucky two but that's it. I don't know why I stress myself so much. But whatever, I got my mind on that.

I am playing Marvel's Avengers Academy and I really like the third outfit at rank five Enchantress is wearing. Although green is definitely not my colour nor do I like boobcups, i really find this outfit intriguing.

For Saturday I want to do Arielle in an art nouveau version by Hanna-Alexander on Deviantart. 
Her designes are amazing and if I had the money and time, I'd cosplay each and every one of her designes.

I have no idea why but this dress screams chiffon to me. I have plans of buying chiffon, dying it and then sewing the pieces together. But I will do a mock-up first because I don't feel all too sure about the pattern. And to be honest, I will definitely wear a corset underneath that to get that nice shape.

For Sunday I planned an Assassin's creed cosplay with my friend S.
I played the games last year and I was addicted to them. I played four parts in less than a month and especially the parts with Ezio I played in less than a week.
The cosplay I chose was Claudia. I really liked her Assassin's outfit but I chose her dress because I just couldn't figure out what the fuck she was wearing. It was like she wore a cloak, a mini cloak and a collar on top of it all? Nah, no thanks. Making a dress is so much easier (in my opinion at least).
This dress screams brocade and something stiff. I found the perfect material for the chemise in my local fabric store and I will go and get it asap. As for the rest of the fabric, I am still on a hunt for it.

And that is it for now!

All the best,


Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Hello lovelies,

I finished my costume in time for Nippon Nation 2016. It was a very long week before the con, I can tell you. I only slept five hours to finish the costume and I normally sleep about 8hours a day (and get cranky if I get less sleep).

So, here you have the final wip and a picture of my finished costume. I only have one picture up til now :(. But when my friend S. from Germany is over, we will do an awesome foto shooting!


The crown when flat and when worn. I was not finished with it though and added even more pearls to it, but sadly I do not have a picture with the finished crown. 


It's just frills with a gold band and a green stone but I made a little special something on the back side of it; a little bow to cover the ends! I closed it with two snap fastener.


The shoes are way too small even though I ordered them in 37 instead of 36. I made a bow and added pearl details to it.

And again, I don't have a finished picture but it looks just like that, except for the top. Also, the purple and the white pieces are seperately and while the purple piece has an elastic band to hold it in place, the white band is fastenend with an snap fastener again.


I sewed both parts to the top but then found out that they are not even. That meant off with one side and redoing it.

The pearl band was made with that method; one pearl between two knots. It was not easy setting them apart in exactly two centimetres.

And I did nearly the same for the strap, the only difference was that I sewed both on the same time instead of making knots.

Ah yes, the one sided ribbon band (as I called it, I have no idea what the name of this special technic is). I folded the ribbon, pinned it and then handstitched every fold. It was fun (not).

Side parts:
That was the first "draft" and I liked it. So I sprayed it with gold colour and stitched everything onto the chiffon fabric.

And that's the end result. I added flower lace and even more pearls.

And this is how it looks like:

I really like this costume and it was such a pain in the ass doing it. But I finished it.

All the best,


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

WIP again

Hello lovelies,

I am a  bit surprised I didn't blog about my wip earlier, as I have been working on it for quite a long time now.

The staff is made out of wire, polymer clay, pearls, and various other items.

 After everything was assembled it got spray painted.

The large crystal was actually a knob from Butlers. I coloured it with copix and used it for the wand.
The flowers were made in a form.

And this is the finished result:
I found out too late that the gem should be green instead of puple. I will still change it but for the moment, this is my finished wand.
FINALLY. It took me ages and ate a lot of nerves.


The belt is up and is ready for sewing. Afterwards I need to do another layer of ruffles and then I can finally finish the skirt by sewing in the zip.

I got myself iron wire, hard to bend and very sturdy, for the frame. To be honest, it was a bit too sturdy and therefore I had to do the small circle out of a thinner wire.

My cat likes to photobomb my things. She does this every single time.

I bent the wire and fixed it with tape. Afterwards I added the circles. To may shame the circles are not really symetrical.

That was the first draft. I was quite happy with it and only changed a bit.

Afterwards I covered everything with a cream coloured chiffon fabric. And my covering it I meant hand-stitching everything.

The left side was done and I had some time left before working to try out the fit again. Afterwards I continued sewing the right side. It took me ages and I think I went through with almost one complete season of Bones.

I wanted something on the wired ruff that sticks out.
At first I thought of lace but it didn't fit. I went for a gold cord instead and I still like my idea (often as not, I don't).
It looked super nice with the cord but I wanted more.

I came that far and now I have run out of pearls. Of course, it just can't be easy.

I hope to finish it for Nippon Nation but chances are low and I really want to kick my ass for that.

all the best,


Saturday, 25 June 2016

International Lolita day

Hello lovelies,

I am way behind my entries.
Shame on me.
For the international lolita day the lolita community in Vienna had a mini-meet up. We first went for some delicious ice-cream and afterwards watch Alice behind the mirrors in the cinema.
Most of the lolitas were not available that weekend because there was an international music festival (with Babymetal!)
Nevertheless, I did have a lot of fun plus I liked the movie a lot, even more than the first one.